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Re: [linux-lvm] Snapshots of snapshots are not supported yet

Dne 10.7.2013 16:45, markw mohawksoft com napsal(a):
Dne 10.7.2013 05:45, markw mohawksoft com napsal(a):
One more annoying question, if you have the patience.

Suppose I create a thin provisioned volume, say disk0.

I take a snapshot of disk0 and name it disk0_snap0
After a number of changes I then take another snapshot, and call it

Is the thin provisioning stuff smart enough to realize that disk0_snap0
should be rewired to reference disk0_snap1 as its origin? It would look
like this:

disk0 -> disk0_snap1 -> disk0_snap0

What I would like to see is something like this:

disk0 -> disk0_snap2 -> disk0_snap1 -> disk0_snap0

Create disk0_snap3

disk0 -> disk0_snap3 -> disk0_snap2 -> disk0_snap1 -> disk0_snap0

Where all writes to disk0 result in CoW to disk0_snap3 and the remaining
snaps remain unchanged.

Here is the kicker, I want to perform a differential backup on
and disk0_snap2.  Suppose I already recreated disk0_snap2 on some
I now want to update it to disk0_snap3. I need to get a block list from
disk0_snap2 and disk0_snap3, then generate a list of blocks needed to
permute snap2 to snap3.

Any info?

Yes - differential snapshot will be supported through thin provisioning
target - where you will be able to make a simple diff just by reading
metadata - it will be essential piece of replication.

Is any of this in place now?

Surely not - if it would be in place - I'd suggest which command you should use :)

AFAIK Joe has this in plan for some time - and there was even some
announcement from some third-party developer to support this.

Do you have a link?


There is not going to be any upstream support for doing this with
old-snaps in foreseeable future.

Also keep in mind your idea of using old-snap of snap of snap would be
slow and fragile to use.

Well, the reason I am pursuing this.....

At a previous employment a few years back, I created a system using LVM2,
old style snapshots, and FUSE to create this functionality.

Using my previous example as a reference

disk0 would always have one live snapshot to maintain diffs, call it

Using chain of old-snaps is just way too heavy for anything - you really need to use system which is not copying blocks

I need to implement similar behavior at a new employer and really really
want not to use FUSE and rewrite all that crap again and am trying to see
how to get it done using the device mapper layer. Also this is going to be
for a product that is expected to ship to customers in the relatively near

Any information or insight you can share would be much appreciated. I am
beginning to suspect that LVM will not be usable for the project.

As I said -  btrfs has some kind of functionality you are looking for,
Or you may start to help with lvm project...
(Or thin-provisioning tools in this case)


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