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Re: [linux-lvm] Mirroring to a thin volume

Dne 15.7.2013 07:46, Raymond Jennings napsal(a):
Is there a way to hot-convert a live volume to thin provisioning?

I was thinking of doing this:

1.  Create a thin volume
2.  Have it mirror the linear volume
3.  Break the linear mirror
4.  Run an fs discard on the thin volume

There is planned feature 'merge' of any LV into thin pool - so you would
be able to turn your LV into thin volume (but likely there will not a be a way to split such thin-LV back to non-thin LV anytime soon).

In the upstream git there is already support for 'external origin'
where you could use some LV as a source for 'unprovisioned' blocks
which is something like snapshot of LV where modified blocks
are put into thin pool -  but this feature has some limitation -
i.e. for now you cannot 'merge' modified blocks back to external origin.

I guess mirror construction currently only supports PVs - so
you would need to use 'stacked' VG - there is planned better support for stacking of volumes in a VG - but it's not so easy as it might look.


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