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Re: [linux-lvm] pvmove

Dear Zdenek

Thank you very much, it works. I noticed a few more things. Not errors, just minor things that might be documented better or handled differently. Depending on the design philosophy.

"pvmove /dev/md127:152064-152319 /dev/md127:800000 --alloc anywhere" fails because /dev/md127:xx seems to be interpreted as "one extent starting at xx", I'm not sure that's what I'd guess from the man page.

"pvmove /dev/md127:152064-152319 /dev/md127:800000- --alloc anywhere" works, but the manual page indicates that the syntax is DestinationPhysicalVolume[:PE[-PE]...], which I would interpret as /dev/xx:111 OR /dev/xx:111-222, but not /dev/xx:111-, that would IMHO be DestinationPhysicalVolume[:PE[-[PE]]...].

I'd interpret /dev/md126:100 as a start of an area, since it has no explicit bound, where as /dev/md127:100-100 I would expect for a single extent, since there is an explicit bound. Does that make sense?

PS, how about a syntax variant where it can be /dev/md127:100+30 meaning 30 extents starting at 100? I understand it's often better to print ranges, but maybe in some cases start+length might work better. Or start-end+length for printing, and start[-end][+length] as input, and exit with error if both end and length are specified and they don't match (start+length!=length).

I'm not complaining, just suggesting enhancements. :-)

Again, thank you very much for your quick and helpful response.


On 07/19/2013 10:59 PM, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
Dne 19.7.2013 20:14, Martin Papik napsal(a):
Hi everyone

I'm new to the mailing list but not to LVM, until now everything was crystal
clear and working fine. Now I'm either stuck or found a minor issue. I'm
trying to move move extents on a physical volume. Not from one physical volume
to another.

root myhost# pvmove  /dev/md127:151808-152063 /dev/md127:152064-152319
   No extents available for allocation
root myhost#

Add  --alloc anywhere

But I assume the tool could be a bit more smarter here.
It looks more or less like a bug to me.


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