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[linux-lvm] Mounted, but idle LVM volume causes constant disk writes


If LVM2 volume is mounted (ext4 fs), why is there constant write activity to the devices below (sw raid in this case) despite not using the mounted volume at all?

I am seing this on multiple hosts. On this particular one I am seeing around 20 writes per second on average, but they occur in batches of around 50-90 writeIOps on every 3-4 seconds. If I mount the same filesystem (ext4) on sw raid1 without LVM in between, I see the expected 0 write IOps when not using the filesystem.

Kernel versions where I noticed this: 3.0.13 (sysrescd) 3.4.1, 3.9.4 (custom compiled). I noticed it on all systems where lvm is in use.

Thank you for the hints,

PS: I did search the web first, but I could not find the answer. Sorry if this has been answered before, maybe I was searching for the wrong terms.

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