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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM high availability

Is there a release schedule? I' looking forward to this feathure.

Zdenek Kabelac <zkabelac redhat com>写到:
Dne 23.6.2013 16:32, lihuiba napsal(a):

3) how about thin pool and volumes?

Thin-pool may be active on single-node only. In cluster only exclusive
activation is allowed and can not be activated elsewhere even "read-only".

It should work fine without cluster locking while read-only everywhere,
except you can not enforce read-only on the pool. (There is a bug for that.)

Attempting to write to pool active else! where, may render the pool's view
corrupted on other nodes. So when writing to pool, you should at least
deactivate the pool and all thin volumes on all other nodes, and
reactivate afterwards.

I don't think out why thin volumes can not be active on multiple nodes even read-only.

It is intuitive that activating thin volumes in read-only mode will neither change it's own

meta-data nor the pool's.

If I "force" the thin volumes to be active by, for example, changing the source code,

what errors will occur?

lvm2 code currently doesn't support activation of all thin pool related LVs in
read-only mode - there is some work being done in this area - but still not


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