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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM snapshot with Clustered VG [SOLVED]

Dne 14.3.2013 22:57, Andreas Pflug napsal(a):
On 03/13/13 19:30, Vladislav Bogdanov wrote:

Is there a way to find out if a LV is locked exclusively? lvs displaying
-e-- instead of -a-- would be nice. Seems not even lvdisplay knows about
exclusive locking.
That would break other tools which rely on their output. F.e. cluster
resource agents of libvirt (yes, it runs lvm tools rather then using
API, which is not yet complete btw). As I also need to obtain this
information, I think about writing simple tool (f.e. clvm_tool) which
would display needed info.

As a workaround you can run lvchange -aly without force parameter. If it
succeeds, the volume is locked in a shared mode, otherwise it is locked

Hm, thats one ugly workaround...
How about a clvmd option, something like -l to list all locks and exit.

I think - the extension to  'lvs' command could be relatively simple
(adding a new column)

You may query  for  exclusive/local activation on the node.
(So you cannot just tell on which other node is the device active,
but you could print about these states:

active exclusive local
active exclusive
active local


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