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Re: [linux-lvm] Alert before LVM snapshot becomes full

Dne 29.5.2013 09:56, Loïc napsal(a):
Hi all,

I would like to raise my problem because I have not found the answer to my
question by searching on the Internet. Hoping that one of you had experience
with this kind of problem.

I'm looking for a way to launch a script or disable an LVM snaphot before it
becomes full.
For example I would like to launch a script that will umount the LVM snapshot
and delete it if it reaches 90%. That is to avoid LVM issue when snapshot is full.

Any ideas ?

Write dmeventd plugin - similar as you can find in upstream git source tree.

BTW - what's is the point to delete it 90% and delete it when it's invalid ?

If you don't need the snapshot you should remove it instantly - since it's impact system performance.

And if you need it - it's probably more useful to extend the snapshot.


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