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Re: [linux-lvm] Fwd: file-based locking initialization failed after pvresize

Dne 31.5.2013 11:04, Gabriel Barazer napsal(a):

Did you try booting off another system (e.g. live usb ) and restoring the LVM
meta data ? If your root filesystem is still bootable, you can find a backup
of the LVM metadata in /etc/lvm/backup, and then start over your data resizing
procedure. Look for the vgcfgrestore command.

The right procedure to resize a LV after growing a PV is :
- adjust the partition table on sdb with fdisk, the simple way is deleting the
partition table and creating a new one with the main partition having the same
start offset (_very_ important)
- THEN pvresize the device (no need to add any --setphysicalwhatever argument)
- then lvresize, but if you want to be safe always check that the size you set
is larger than the current volume size otherwise you can damage your data
pretty bad. A good way to do this is to add a "+" in the lvresize command :
lvresize -L +100G /device adds 100G to volume.
- then run a filesystem resize command, depending on the filesystem used
(xfs_growfs for XFS, resize2fs for ext4)

For couple years lvresize has the option '-r' so it knows how to resize common filesystems (via fsadm script) - so it keeps the right order of commands (very important in case you are reducing size)


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