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[linux-lvm] Destroyed partition on one PV (followup)

I did a little more investigating that might somewhat change the solution.

What caused the corruption was a fedora installation that was supposed to be on a different drive, but the dynamic labelling of devs screwed me.

What I had to begin with was an lv of 3 devs: sdb1, sdc1, and sdd1. The installer re-partitioned sdb into 5 separate partitions (a boot, swap, and 3 ext4), and then began to format them. I stopped the format before it got to far along. The other devs are untouched.

I can run the pvcreate command (I tried with the -t flag) to restore the pv on 2 of the ext4 partitions, as well as on the swap partition (pvcreate asks to wipe the swap signature). So, if I did, how would I recombine those separate partitions back to one?

I know that a lot of the data is still there and somewhat intact - I did a hexdump of each.

Any ideas?

As always, TIA.


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