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Re: [linux-lvm] pvs complains of missing PVs that are not missing

Hi Joe,

I am having similar issues in that I have a LVM2 raid1 mirror between a local disk and a iSCSI disk and once I remove the iSCSI disk and add it back, the mirror stays broken. I traced the cause of that to be LVM2 still complains about a PV missing even though the same PV has been added back.

I wonder if you have resolved your issue and what did you do.
Thanks a lot.

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This is not yet resolved. I'm still waiting for Peter Rajnoha to follow up after I provided him the information he requested. He said he might be able to look at it more closely later this week. In the mean time, I work around this issue by activating the VG with --partial. I can access my data, but I can't make any LVM config changes.

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