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Re: [linux-lvm] howto speed-up thinpool-devices?

Dne 24.8.2013 10:42, Oliver Rath napsal(a):
Hi list,

Im using thinpool-devices (and snapshots, too). I know, thinpool-devices
arent the fastest one, but maybe there could make more use of read (and
maybe write) caching. In my test-system are 32GB of ram, but there is a
max use of cache about <1GB, not more, by heavily use of these devices.

Is it possible to speed up the reading with growing up the cache use?
The /sys/block/dm-X/.. directories have lots of parameters, but Im not
experienced for that. Maybe Im looking at the wrong place and modifying
kernel parameters (scheduler etc.) are the better way?

You  could look at lot of Howto text around various kernel settings i.e.:


Check with Google for more hints.


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