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Re: [linux-lvm] Continue an interrupted mirror sync?

On 09/27/2013 05:26 AM, Justin Lee wrote:

I would like to know If a mirror sync process is interrupted by some
uncontrollable reason, is it possible to continue the sync process
near the point where it was interrupted?

Volume mirroring may take a long time to be done, if the connection of
the storage device is over an unreliable channel (such as SAN, iSCSI
or Fibre Channel) it is possible that ongoing sync will be interrupted
over and over again due to frequent connection loss so that the sync
will never complete...

Has LVM existing solutions for the issue? Or any suggestion? Thank you!
Pretty much the entire purpose of the mirror log is to accomplish this (track which blocks are in sync). Is this a real problem you've encountered (mirror log is broken), or a theoretical one? If you created a mirror without a log, then yes, it pretty much has to start over each time. A compromise might be to keep the log in memory. This would handle SAN storage going up and down, but would have to start over after a reboot.

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