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[linux-lvm] Cancelling snapshot merge


I had created snapshot of my /var logical volume a while ago and recently It occured to me that I don't need saved state anymore and I would like to reclaim disk space. But I have issued wrong lvconvert --merge command by mistake instead of proper lvremove.

$ sudo lvconvert --merge VolGroup00/var_snap0
  Can't merge over open origin volume
  Merging of snapshot var_snap0 will start next activation.

I have figured out at this point that I made mistake. Luckily merge is postponed as volume is used (mounted) now. But how do I prevent merge from running upon next reboot? Here is what I have tried:

$ sudo lvremove VolGroup00/var_snap0
  Can't remove merging snapshot logical volume "var_snap0"

$ sudo lvchange -an VolGroup00/var_snap0
Change of snapshot var_snap0 will also change its origin LogVol01. Proceed? [y/n]: n
  Logical volume var_snap0 not changed.

I even could not create snapshot of current state to roll back to it after merge

$ sudo lvcreate --size 2G --snapshot -n var_snap1 /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol01

  Snapshots of an origin that has a merging snapshot is not supported

Is there a way to cancel postponed snapshot merge?

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