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Re: [linux-lvm] Question re: deleting an LV...

On 2014-01-06 11:40 AM, Guy Rouillier <guy rouillier gmail com> wrote:
I learned via this mailing list that lvremove just updates metadata to
make the space available again, but doesn't remove the filesystem in the
LV.  So if you were to recreate the exact same LV you just removed, the
filesystem would still be there.  My situation was unusual, and you
probably won't encounter this.  But if you want to avoid that minor
possibility, use "wipefs -a /dev/vg/snaps" before lvremove.

Thanks for the reply Guy...

I don't think this is necessary, as this space

 a) never had anything written to it, and

 b) will be used for LVM snapshots, so even if it had, it would get
    overwritten very soon.

Anyway, thanks... looking forward to getting my email rsnapshot backups working using LVM snapshots (for consistency - no more 'file vanished' messages during backups)...

Thx again


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