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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm Bug? - bad reaction to snapshot creation

Dne 7.6.2014 01:26, Leeman Strout napsal(a):

Creating a snapshot throws an error "Attempted to decrement suspended device
counter below zero." but succeeds.  Removing the snapshot fails, attempting a
2nd time succeeds.  Somewhere in this process the original LV gets locked and
the system needs to be restarted to unlock it.  As explained below this
happens intermittently but regularly.

Any additional info please let me know directly, I am not a subscriber,


Unsure if this relates to all your problem (since I'm not sure how arch linux
is in sync with udev rules & systemd version)

At certain moment  systemd added a new 'feature' about locking devices while
updating internal udev state - this locking ignores any udev rule flags and opens internal lvm2 devices - so while for now it's been again disabled for 'dm' devices - you might have installed version of system which has the 'lock everything' feature in?

Thought this doesn't explain your 'counter below zero' error - this looks like
some incorrect udev rules are running in the field ?
(Or maybe multiple  systemd-udevd are running ?)


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