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Chattr +i and securelevel

has anyone played with the securelevel variable in the kernel and the 
immutable flags in the ext2 file system?

The only way I have found to change the flag is by
patching sched.c from

int securelevel=0
to int securelevel=1

The sysctrl code seems to allow the setting of the flag
only by init (PID=1) and only upwards (0->1, etc).
The problem is that I haven't found a way to get
init to set the securelevel variable. 
Is securelevel used in the Linux community?

[ Mod: If you have a look at securelevel code you can see that at this
moment the only process that can change securelevel is init. From what I
gather, even though the basic support for securelevel is already in kernel,
it is so basic that nothing can be done in a stock kernel. 

Someone also was working on a project of bringing POSIX.6 privs to linux but
the last patch that I have seen was against 2.0 kernel. Those who are
interested in merging two patches should have a look at
http://www.xarius.demon.co.uk/software/posix6/ -- alex ]

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