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so-called snprintf() in db-1.85.4


There is a severe problem with the db-1.85.4 library's Linux
port that can be found on sunsite.unc.edu under
/pub/Linux/libs/db-1.85.4-src.tar.gz (sp?): This library
contains a "snprintf" function which breaks down to a common
sprintf, ignoring the size parameter.  Obviously, this was
thought to be a terribly bad work-around for C libraries which
don't contain an snprintf routine of their own.  The
consequences of this bug are obvious: Any program which is
linked with libdb.so.1.85.4 and relies on snprintf(3) to do
it's bounds checking doesn't have any bounds checking at all.

Note that recent linux C libraries contain an snprintf(3)
function of their own which does it's job properly.  Thus, the
fix is to simply remove snprintf.o from libdb.

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