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[linux-security] Re: RedHat 5.X Security Book

IMHO When all is said and done, the information provided so far is very
interesting.  I have seen many small documents on the subject and have
found this, so far to be good.

It looks like it will be a good starting point for those who have run
Linux for some time but have not investigated security as they thought "I
don't have anthing to keep secure"  but have just been hit with an attack.

I, myself am close to this catagory and have found the document
interesting.  It has highlighted some issues I have missed in the past.

I have now gone to the extent of providing the script kidies with firewall
trapdoors throut my system.  At least I have some idea that someone has
been looking!  The more difficult it is for them to try something else the
better it has to be.

At least someone is trying to improve the available information in a
reasonably understandable form.

	From me, keep up the effort.

			Regards Steven Ellison

On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Kent Crispin wrote:

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