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[linux-security] Re: POP secure access??

Rogier Wolff wrote:

>  One "digest" answer on the list.

The digest doesn't really discuss the option of tunnelling POP through
SSH, which is what our University department does.  I have a Linux
client, so I just forward some local ports to remote ports with this

ssh -C -l crispin -f \
        -L 6666:mailhost.your.place.foo:110 \
        -L 6667:mailhost.your.place.foo:25 \
        mailhost.your.place.foo xbiff

For windows clients, we have people using the commercial Data Fellows
SSH client for Windows, which also can forward ports.  The windows
users whine that it can't automatically open the port forwarding when
the click their mail client, but that's the only complaint.

The advantage over the SSL solution is that the SSH daemon is
relatively easy to set up.  However, if your site already has SSL
support, then this issue is moot.

 Crispin Cowan, Research Assistant Professor of Computer Science, OGI
    NEW:  Protect Your Linux Host with StackGuard'd Programs  :FREE

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