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[linux-security] Re: IPMASQ and lock-up of all terminals

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000 MeriwetherDJ nswccd navy mil wrote:

> Symptoms:
> All attempts to connect remotely receive a connection, but a login prompt
> never comes up.
> I can type in a username and hit return, and then nothing happens and it
> does not ask for password or anything.

[mod: Redundant quoting trimmed --REW]

I have seen very similiar behavior before on one of my RH6.0 boxes. It
occured when syslog froze, causing any programs that try to use the
logging facilities to block. If you have an active shell connection to the
box when it happens you can kill syslogd and it will unlock. Otherwise the
hard reboot is the only way out.

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