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Re: [Lohit-devel-list] A New Malayalam Free Software Font Project

On 11/6/07, Dave Crossland <dave lab6 com> wrote:

I thought I'd drop this mailing list a line to ask if anyone here would
like to be involved in my project - giving me feedback and supporting
information and perhaps doing some testing for me next year :-)

Glad to know about your project. You can take a reference of the various malayalam fonts like lohit, rachana or samyak.
In case you need help, you can fire your queries on this list or find me on #indlinux or #fedora-i18n. 

Initially I'm interested in the technical limitations around supporting
Indic languages including Malayalam in the most common free
rendering systems, both on screen (Pango/freetype) and for
printing (Firefox, scribus, TeX, OpenOffice.org)

As of now, except for few bugs, pango, QT or OpenOffice support malayalam rendering.
In the process of bug fixing there will be some changes to be complemented with font rules as well.
So be updated on them. For now you may start with unicode 5 and OpenType specs for malayalam. 

Also, if anyone who has made any Indic fonts with free software is
on this list, I hope you'll also get in contact with me :-)


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