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[lvm-devel] [PATCH lvconvert 0/11] Additional fixes and changes to lvconvert restructure

These patchset includes bugfixes and feature updates to
the recently committed lvconvert changes.

Bug fixes
[ 1/11] Correct 'const' for _lv_mimage_in_sync()
[ 2/11] Don't start polldaemon if conversion failed in early stage
[ 3/11] Multiple fixes about to-corelog conversion
[ 4/11] Fix possible mirror image corruption 
[ 5/11] Don't insert temporary layer for corelog mirror
[ 6/11] init_mirror_in_sync(0) for corelog mirror addition
[ 7/11] Fix semantic consistency of mirrorlog option

Feature updates
[ 8/11] Add internal 'CONVERTING' flag for LVs under conversion
[ 9/11] Add a new attr field char for the CONVERTING LV
[10/11] Warn if lvconvert needs activation to complete conversion
[11/11] Start lvconvert polldaemon on activation (like pvmove)

Other things I would like to work on next are:
  - Generalization of seg->mirrored_seg as upward link
    from LV to seg(s) which use the LV.
  - Review and fix remove_mirror_images() so that 'removable_pvs'
    filtering works on stacked mirror.
  - Review the suspend code path. I think 'noflush' should be
    avoided for lower-level mirrors. Otherwise the upper-level mirror
    can't suspend.
  - Remaining patches from the last post:
     [11/13] Add 'lv_mirrors' field to reporting functions
     [12/13] Remove hardcoded "_mlog" name from deptree construction
     [13/13] Allow disk logs for temporary resync mirror
  - Creating a script for 'make check'

Jun'ichi Nomura, NEC Corporation of America

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