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RE: [lvm-devel] Posting a patch

Thanks Bryn,

Here goes nothing...

I have attached a small patch for the lvm.8 man page to detail valid
characters and names. The man pages for pvcreate and lvcreate refer you
to lvm.8 for common options and I thougt it best to include naming
details in lvm.8 rather than duplicating information in each man page. I
have been sparse with making characters/keywords bold.


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> Gerrard Geldenhuis wrote:
> > I have written a small patch for the man page lvm.8 that I want to
> > submit. However I am unsure whether I should be creating a diff with
> > or diff and then if I use either what type of diff needs to be
> > submitted.
> Hi Gerrard,
> You can generate the patch either way - whichever you prefer. Either
> should be generated in unified diff format (-u). When I am taking
> patches from CVS I normally do:
> cd ~/cvs/LVM2
> cvs diff -up 2>/dev/null > the.patch
> The "-p" causes the diff to include the declaration for the function
> being changed - very handy for patches to .c files but probably not
> necessary for a man page patch.
> Otherwise, I'd do something like:
> cd LVM2/
> diff -Nurp man/lvm.8.orig man/lvm.8 > the.patch
> Again, the -Nrp options probably aren't needed for a man page patch
> that's what I use for generating most of my patches.
> Regards,
> Bryn.

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