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Re: [lvm-devel] LVM2/lib/metadata metadata-exported.h metadata.c

wysochanski sourceware org writes:
> 	Various tools need to check for existence of a VG before doing something
> 	(vgsplit, vgrename, vgcreate).  Currently we don't have an interface to
> 	check for existence, but the existence check is part of the vg_read* call(s).
> 	This patch is an attempt to pull out some of that functionality into a
> 	separate function, and hopefully simplify our vg_read interface, and
> 	move those patches along.

I must have missed the patches on lvm-devel? Anyway, the tool patches create
conflicts with the vg_read patches that are pending for months. Could people
*please* stop changing conflicting parts of the code (see also Milan's patch
that changes the recovery code which conflicts with vg_read)? You can perfectly
fine create patches on top of the vg_read changes if they obviously overlap...

Alternatively, we could of course discard the vg_read patches, but I haven't
seen any NAKs yet...

(I guess you may consider this to be a NAK for the related commits, until the
situation is resolved somehow...)

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