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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH 3/7] Remove snapshot_count from VG and use function instead.

Patch looks good. Good to get rid of redundant counter, which is prone to
getting out of sync. I would, however, propose to rename "snapshot_lvs_in_vg"
to "vg_snapshot_lv_count" -- we already have "vg_missing_pv_count" as a
precedent for that naming scheme.


PS: I would welcome a similar approach to removing lv_count as well (and other
redundant counters), since the counting function's implementation clearly
defines what gets counted in the given counter (vg_lv_count, say), *and* it
never gets out of sync. In other words, I believe this approach is much more
transparent, albeit a little less efficient -- however, I don't believe such
counting function is going to show up on any profile of any LVM2 command

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