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Re: [lvm-devel] [RFC][PATCH 0/5] dmeventd device filtering

On 10/06/09 21:58, malahal us ibm com wrote:
> Petr Rockai [prockai redhat com] wrote:
>> Hmm. Does this introduce some race conditions? When a bad sequence of metadata
>> edits and failures happens, could this lead to bad behaviour? I have skimmed
>> the patches and I think following may happen:
>> - vgextend a volume group (adding say /dev/sde)
>> - metadata is written and committed
>> - dmeventd notices a failure, but its device list is out of date 
>> - lvconvert does its job, but when writing metadata, it marks the /dev/sde PV
>>   as missing, since it can't find it
>> - dmeventd triggers vgreduce, which removes /dev/sde from the volume group
>> It is not a fatal problem, but definitely surprising. Maybe we could fix it,
>> although I'm not entirely sure how.
>> Also, I'm a little worried that this is something that may rather easily go out
>> of sync -- keeping a cached copy of data like this around is always
>> dangerous. Fortunately, the worst that should happen is that an automatic
>> recovery fails or that empty PVs are removed from the volume group (like above)
>> -- it shouldn't be possible to trick dmeventd into clobbering any data this
>> way. Either way -- I am not sure it is a showstopper, but it's definitely not
>> very nice. Thoughts?
>> Yours,
>>    Petr.
> How about vgreduce only not scanning the failed devices. It will scan
> /dev/sde in the above case. Multiple device failures at the same (not
> uncommon) is going to be a problem though. :-(

If there is some way to make vgreduce/lvconvert avoid scanning, just
filtering out failed devices would work. Metadata cache feature,

Introduce metadata cache feature

or another way like not saving metadata on each device but saving it
in a directory by lvm configuration:



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