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[lvm-devel] LVM2/test t-lvconvert-mirror.sh t-mirror-lvcon ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/lvm2
Module name:	LVM2
Changes by:	mornfall sourceware org	2010-04-12 19:32:58

Modified files:
	test           : t-lvconvert-mirror.sh 
Removed files:
	test           : t-mirror-lvconvert-usage.sh 

Log message:
	Absorb t-mirror-lvconvert-usage into t-lvconvert-mirror.


--- LVM2/test/t-lvconvert-mirror.sh	2010/04/12 19:16:24	1.1
+++ LVM2/test/t-lvconvert-mirror.sh	2010/04/12 19:32:58	1.2
@@ -23,6 +23,11 @@
 lvconvert -m-1 $vg/$lv1
 check linear $vg $lv1
 lvremove -ff $vg
+# and now try removing a specific leg (bz453643)
+lvcreate -l2 -m1 -n $lv1 $vg $dev1 $dev2 $dev3:0-1
+lvconvert -m0 $vg/$lv1 $dev2
+check lv_on $vg/$lv1 $dev1
+lvremove -ff $vg
 # convert from disklog to corelog, active
 lvcreate -l2 -m1 -n $lv1 $vg $dev1 $dev2 $dev3:0-1
@@ -55,3 +60,11 @@
 lvcreate -l2 -n $lv1 $vg $dev1
 not lvconvert -m+1 --mirrorlog core $vg/$lv1 $dev1
 lvremove -ff $vg
+lvcreate -l2 -m2 -n $lv1 $vg $dev1 $dev2 $dev4 $dev3:0-1
+lvconvert -m-1 $vg/$lv1 $dev1
+check mirror_images_on $lv1 $dev2 $dev4
+lvconvert -m-1 $vg/$lv1 $dev2
+check linear $vg $lv1
+check lv_on $vg/$lv1 $dev4

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