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[lvm-devel] LVM2/tools lvmcmdline.c

CVSROOT:	/cvs/lvm2
Module name:	LVM2
Changes by:	prajnoha sourceware org	2010-04-30 13:28:45

Modified files:
	tools          : lvmcmdline.c 

Log message:
	Don't run any complex initialisation for the "version" lvm2 command.
	We can use it even in read-only environment where a try to initialise
	file-based locking fails (not to mention other processing related with
	lvm2 init). Simply, we want to output the version only, nothing else.
	And this should always work.


--- LVM2/tools/lvmcmdline.c	2010/04/29 01:38:14	1.118
+++ LVM2/tools/lvmcmdline.c	2010/04/30 13:28:44	1.119
@@ -1364,6 +1364,10 @@
+	/* "version" command is simple enough so it doesn't need any complex init */
+	if (!alias && argc > 1 && !strcmp(argv[1], "version"))
+		return version(NULL, argc, argv);
 	if (!(cmd = init_lvm()))
 		return -1;

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