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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH 0 of 13] LVM add 'mirrored' log type

I'm also testing the other approach; that is, allowing lvconvert to take non-top-level LVs (e.g. "lv_mlog"). It seems to work just fine. We might want to strongly consider allowing this.

There are drawbacks to this approach too, however. For example, when one of the devices of the log fails, it will be treated as an 'image' failure, and not a 'log' failure (I can fix that though by checking its lv->status). If we decide to go this route, we will have to decide if this is the behavior we want or not. (Once the log is linear, it will behave as you would expect - either being replaced or removed according to the log policy.)


On Feb 17, 2010, at 11:55 AM, Jonathan Brassow wrote:

I've fixed the segfaults Taka reported.  I've also begun to go through
and fix the remaining issues with handling device failures in the
various different scenarios.  I could use some help testing all the
different variations.  I've described below some of the different
permutations that will now exist.  I will be going through and testing
these as well.

Device failure handling policies:
The following policies are available for both mirror logs and mirror
"remove" (rm):
Take out the failed device from the LV and do nothing else.  IOW, just
make things consistent again.

"replace" (rp):
Remove the failed device and attempt to replace it with available space
in the VG.  IOW, try to recreate what was lost.

Device failure scenarios:
You will have to use '--alloc anywhere' to get the mirrored log to be
placed on the same devices as the mirror images.  Failing a single
device will result in a failure of an image in the mirrored log and the
mirror itself - simultaneously.  Obviously, a "replace" policy will
fail, but the results should be the same as "remove". The final result
should be a linear device.

'--alloc anywhere' is still necessary. Failing a single leg can affect the mirror, its mirrored log, or both. The "remove" policy can leave a
lone linear LV or a mirror with a linear log.  The "replace" policy
should be able to restore the LV.  It is also possible to test 3-way
mirrors and fail one of the legs - presumably leaving a 2-way mirror and
a mirrored log.

Gives the ability to have the mirrored log on separate devices from the
mirror images and be able to "replace" the device.

So, the it is necessary to test all of the fault scenarios in each cell
of the following matrix.  Any help would be most welcome.

         | 2devs | 3devs | 5devs |
rm_l,rm_i |       |       |       |
rm_l,rp_i |       |       |       |
rp_l,rm_i |       |       |       |
rp_l,rp_i |       |       |       |


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