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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH 0 of 10] LVM: mirrored log patches

Jonathan Brassow wrote:
> There will likely be at least one more round of these patches - mostly
> to clean-up the last patch I've been working on.
> This round includes changes to the _lvconvert_mirrors function to allow
> it to handle the repair conversions necessary for 'lvconvert' to accept
> only top-level LVs.  It also includes suggested changes from Taka
> (thanks for those!).

I checked your patch set. It seems that one of my suggestion has not
been implemented yet, and some of my tests failed.


In this patch set, _lvconvert_mirrors_aux() repairs in the order
of mirror images and mirror log. As I explained in the above url,
mirror log should be repaired before mirror images are repaired
because the repair procedure of the mirror image calls suspend_lv()
and that causes deadlock. The deadlock happens because suspending
LV with failed log device doesn't finish.

What do you think calling _lv_update_log_type() before and after
repairing mirror legs in _lvconvert_mirrors_aux()?

Other tests worked well so far. Thank you for fixing issues.


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