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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH] automatic snapshot extension with dmeventd (BZ 427298)

Dne 15.10.2010 13:57, Petr Rockai napsal(a):
> Zdenek Kabelac <zkabelac redhat com> writes:

>>> +	if (policy_threshold >= 100)
>>> +		return 1; /* nothing to do */
>> For some really large sizes - even 1% could be a huge amount of disk space -
>> so maybe some users would like to see floating number support here?
> I'd open a separate bug for that, if you really think so. I tend to
> disagree. (Btw. there's no single float config option in LVM today --
> even though there is theoretical support for that, it's probably not
> tested at all.)

Yes - we do not currently use floats in lvm.conf. Another version could be, to
allow setting also in some absolute sizes - i.e.

snapshot_autoextend_free = 100MB
snapshot_autoextend_size = 200MB

Ok - I've tested the patch - and it seems to be working.

So ACK from my side.

What I see as a problem for the future is how to resolve settings per each
snapshot as current  'global' version - one setting for all snapshots is IMHO
quite limiting.


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