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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH] Refactor lib/ code to allow deferred PV labelling

(resending with the hopefully correct recipient list)

Peter Rajnoha <prajnoha redhat com> writes:
>> These are really just temporary places to store things - not used as an intrinsic
>> part of the structs themselves.  How difficult is it to handle them
>> separately outside the structs?
> Well, normally, we store that in PV-based format instance context
> (the 'struct text_fid_pv_context' that is stored in 'private' field in
> 'struct format_instance). But if that PV is part of the VG, we use a
> common VG-based format instance - so we can't store that PV info there
> separately for each PV...

Indeed, which is why I didn't use that (although I initially tried).

> So how about using 'struct pvcreate_params' we attach to 'struct pv_to_create'
> in add_pv_to_vg fn:
>   if (pv->status & UNLABELLED_PV) {
>                 if (!(pvc = dm_pool_zalloc(mem, sizeof(*pvc)))) {
>                         log_error("pv_to_create allocation for '%s' failed", pv_name);
>                         return 0;
>                 }    
>                 pvc->pv = pv;
>                 pvc->pp = pp;
>                 ...
>   ...
> Can we use that to store that label sector info? Would that work?

Probably, although it would make things somewhat more complicated yet. I
don't see anything wrong with storing that inside PV: it is per-PV
anyway. I agree that the PV struct could use some reorganisation, but
there is absolutely no problem in storing these things inside. They may
need to be clearly marked (maybe relegated into a sub-structure) but
that's all.

And if the info does not belong to the PV, it even less belongs to
pvcreate_params. So while it (in practice) can go in either, it belongs
more rightly to PV.

> If we don't find a place for that label sector other than the struct
> PV itself as proposed in this patch, we can also remove the 'struct
> text_fid_pv_context'.  The text_fid_pv_context is here to store the
> label_sector info only. At least for now.  I wanted to use the PV
> struct for that as well the other day, like you do here... ;) It's
> useless to store that in two places at the same time.

Right, I was wondering if moving the thing out of the PV is worth the
big pile of code that does the text_fid_pv_context bookkeeping. I would
say not. And I need it in the PV anyway. So I vote for removing


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