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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCHv3 2 of 2]LVM: allow exclusive snapshots in cluster

On Feb 2, 2011, at 1:50 PM, Alasdair G Kergon wrote:

B) 'vgchange -ay' returns success on only one node (as mbroz
highlighted) when there are snapshots in a cluster because only one node
can activate all the LVs.  The other LVs on the remaining nodes still
activate properly.

You may have to query the status afterwards to work out the
right return code to use or combine the responses from all the nodes
intelligently to see that exactly one has it active.
(The node running the command doesn't know what activation filters
might be set on other nodes, so must send the command to every node
but expect exactly one to end up with it active.)

Still working on the first item, but this one is addressed with the following patch:

Index: LVM2/lib/activate/activate.c
--- LVM2.orig/lib/activate/activate.c
+++ LVM2/lib/activate/activate.c
@@ -794,13 +794,11 @@ int lv_is_active_exclusive_locally(struc
        return _lv_is_active(lv, &l, &e) && l && e;

 int lv_is_active_exclusive_remotely(struct logical_volume *lv)
        int l, e;
        return _lv_is_active(lv, &l, &e) && !l && e;

 #ifdef DMEVENTD
static struct dm_event_handler *_create_dm_event_handler(struct cmd_context *cmd, const char *dmuuid, const char *dso,
Index: LVM2/lib/activate/activate.h
--- LVM2.orig/lib/activate/activate.h
+++ LVM2/lib/activate/activate.h
@@ -95,6 +95,7 @@ int lvs_in_vg_opened(const struct volume

 int lv_is_active(struct logical_volume *lv);
 int lv_is_active_exclusive_locally(struct logical_volume *lv);
+int lv_is_active_exclusive_remotely(struct logical_volume *lv);

 int lv_has_target_type(struct dm_pool *mem, struct logical_volume *lv,
                       const char *layer, const char *target_type);
Index: LVM2/tools/vgchange.c
--- LVM2.orig/tools/vgchange.c
+++ LVM2/tools/vgchange.c
@@ -115,6 +115,16 @@ static int _activate_lvs_in_vg(struct cm
                    ((lv->status & PVMOVE) ))

+               /*
+                * If the LV is active exclusive remotely,
+                * then ignore it here
+                */
+               if (lv_is_active_exclusive_remotely(lv)) {
+                       log_verbose("%s/%s is exclusively active on"
+ " a remote node", vg->name, lv- >name);
+                       continue;
+               }

                if (activate == CHANGE_AN) {

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