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[lvm-devel] LVM2/tools lvconvert.c

CVSROOT:	/cvs/lvm2
Module name:	LVM2
Changes by:	jbrassow sourceware org	2011-06-28 21:28:35

Modified files:
	tools          : lvconvert.c 

Log message:
	Remove unnecesary conditional.
	The conditional is not just unnecessary, it would have been wrong.  The code
	is suppose to be checking if the 'splitmirrors_ARG' is negative, but it
	instead is checking 'mirrors_ARG'.  Rather than changing the argument being
	checked, I've pulled the check entirely because 'splitmirrors_ARG' is already
	guarenteed to not be negative by virtue of the fact that it is a 'int_arg'.
	Negative values will be caught in _process_command_line().


--- LVM2/tools/lvconvert.c	2011/06/01 12:24:16	1.163
+++ LVM2/tools/lvconvert.c	2011/06/28 21:28:35	1.164
@@ -169,11 +169,6 @@
 		lp->keep_mimages = 1;
-		if (arg_sign_value(cmd, mirrors_ARG, 0) == SIGN_MINUS) {
-			log_error("Argument to --splitmirrors"
-				  " cannot be negative");
-			return 0;
-		}
 		lp->mirrors = arg_uint_value(cmd, splitmirrors_ARG, 0);
 		lp->mirrors_sign = SIGN_MINUS;
 	} else if (arg_count(cmd, name_ARG)) {

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