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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH 1/6] Pool locking code

Dne 24.3.2011 13:21, Joe Thornber napsal(a):
> On Wed, 2011-03-23 at 20:01 +0100, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
>> Yes - the locking has rather 'debug' semantic to catch writes to vg
>> mempool.
>> But I'm not sure what do you mean here by 'set/restore api won't be
>> needed' ? 
> I had a quick chat about this with Alasdair yesterday.  The plan is to
> change the code that updates the VGs so they don't touch the VG data in
> the pool, but instead hold those small changes off to one side.
> So the steps you seem to be following are:
> i) debug lock/unlock api for pool to identify mutating code.  (Useful in
> perpetuity for regression tests.)
> ii) set/restore api for pool (temporary).
> iii) update the mutating code to use set.
> iv) gradually get rid of the use of set/restore on a case by case basis.
> v) remove the set/restore api
> There is an argument that set/restore shouldn't ever go into HEAD, but
> is instead something solely useful to you while you do this work.  But
> since this work is going to take some time I see no problem with this
> going in on the understanding that it comes out again as soon as
> possible.

Yeah - I've been already thinking about this -
I could probably make even API for dm_pool_set & restore purely internal -
so only lvm would know about it - by copying internal structures.

So we would not need to expose this in public  libdm API for a while.

And I've been also thinking about changing the places which are modifying
'read-only' VG structure members - but at this moment it's somewhat bigger patch.

My idea is - to use for this variable 'offset' inside volume_group structure,
and to access it for read/write - one must deference it through array access
over the exception store area (I'd stay with uint64_t data)

Depends on whether we accept this direction.

As for now it seems there is not so many accesses - so it looks like hopefully
'relatively' small amount of code needs to be changed.

If we would agree on the way we access them - it's probably easy to write
before it hits upstream - to avoid hassles with internal structures.


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