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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH 2/3] Set our own in/out buffers

On 03/25/2011 10:57 PM, Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
> Memory lock from critical_section is now being kept over the critical
> section - mallopt() should ensure, that mmap is not used for allocation,
> and we preallocate some memory to be able to satisfy some small
> alloc request. However when glibc needs buffers for line buffering of
> input and output buffers - it allocates these buffers in such way it
> adds memory page for each such buffer and size of unlock memory check will
> mismatch by 1 or 2 pages.

ack in principle, these warnings appears quite often on various places
and distract people form real problems.

> +    	static char inbuf[4096];
> +	static char outbuf[4096];

Because we are handling stdin/stdout, I think this call is common
for glibc, right?

Shouldn't this be initialized only once (do we support multiple command
contexts, IOW reentrant code here)? Is create_toolcontext() the right
place for it?


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