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[lvm-devel] lvm2app installation issue

Hi all –


I’m working on an application that queries LVM2 for configuration information and displays it on the console. I wanted to use lvm2app for performance reasons, but the library is pretty new. In fact, I’ve found only the most recent releases of most distros even have a runtime package for this library, much less a devel package. Not wanting to give up the benefits of the library, I’ve decided to dynamically link to the library at runtime, and back off to parsing the output of command line utilities if the library isn’t found on the system.


While testing this approach, I noticed that the liblvm makefile’s install target only creates a single link (liblvm2app.so -> liblvm2app.so.2.2). Are there plans to create a liblvm2app.so.2 link so I can link to major version 2 of the library and still pick up bug fixes in minor releases?


Thanks in advance,


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