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Re: [lvm-devel] Fixing other lvm2create_initrd issues

On Mon, 14 Nov 2011 00:53:31 +0000
James Le Cuirot <chewi aura-online co uk> wrote:

> Obviously this script hasn't seen a lot of love lately. I'm guessing
> this is due to the existence of Debian's initramfs-tools and Fedora's
> mkinitrd. Gentoo has genkernel but it seems most users don't bother
> with an initrd at all or cook up their own script instead. I think it
> is important to have a distribution-agnostic script that does the bare
> minimum so I have taken the time to fix almost all of the above.
> However, I had to consider whether trying to fix MAKEDEV was the right
> approach given that it has been practically abandoned since udev has
> become firmly established. While looking into the possibility of
> putting udev on the initrd, I stumbled across devtmpfs. This has been
> around since 2.6.32 but had somehow escaped my attention until now. If
> you enable the option to automatically mount it then you can simply
> skip the whole MAKEDEV mess altogether and everything just works. I
> could add a "--makedev devtmpfs" option or we could just ditch the
> MAKEDEV code entirely. Given that this script seems to be used very
> little these days, I think there would be little harm in requiring
> 2.6.32 as a minimum. Failing that, there's also BusyBox's mdev. What
> do you think?

It looks like nobody cares? I'm leaning more towards BusyBox's mdev now
or perhaps some combination of the two. The MAKEDEV stuff would be
removed. Can I safely assume that if I do this work, you will accept the


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