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[lvm-devel] LVM2 ./WHATS_NEW lib/metadata/mirror.c

CVSROOT:	/cvs/lvm2
Module name:	LVM2
Changes by:	jbrassow sourceware org	2011-09-13 21:13:33

Modified files:
	.              : WHATS_NEW 
	lib/metadata   : mirror.c 

Log message:
	Fix bug 733400 - Mirror down conversion when specifying the secondary leg is broke
	The operation of deactivating the residual error target LV after removing a
	mirror layer can cause a "device in-use" conflict with udev.  Giving udev a
	poke before calling deactivate_lv eliminates the conflict.  The stick used
	to poke udev is 'sync_local_dev_names'.


--- LVM2/WHATS_NEW	2011/09/13 18:42:57	1.2105
+++ LVM2/WHATS_NEW	2011/09/13 21:13:33	1.2106
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
 Version 2.02.89 - 
+  Fix failure to down-convert a mirror to linear due to udev "dev open" conflict
   Fix mirrored log creation when PE size is small - force log_size >= region_size
   Fix improper RAID 64-bit status flag reset when and'ing against 32-bit flag.
   Fix log size calculation when only a log is being added to a mirror.
--- LVM2/lib/metadata/mirror.c	2011/09/13 18:11:38	1.165
+++ LVM2/lib/metadata/mirror.c	2011/09/13 21:13:33	1.166
@@ -419,6 +419,7 @@
+	sync_local_dev_names(lv->vg->cmd);
 	if (!deactivate_lv(cmd, lv))

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