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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH v3 13/18] fsadm: remove -y (YES) option

Dne 27.9.2011 15:42, Lukas Czerner napsal(a):
> There is some confusion in using -y (YES) and -f (FORCE) options in
> fsadm. In some cases we are asked for yes/no question which can be
> override by -f option, but not by -y option. Usually most of the questions
> tools ask for are yes/no and it can be overridden by forcing it with -f
> (e.g. fsck.(extN|xfs), lvm and others...) so it make sense to get rid of
> -y option and use only -f instead.
> Also I do not think it is wise to use -y option in fsck.extN since
> people using fsadm would probably not know how it works, so we should
> NOT provide them with that option, but rather let them use "real" fsck
> instead (and let them read man page if needed). Also running fsck with
> -y when you have corrupted file system is probably not a good idea from
> multiple reasons. This is also fixed by this commit.
> This commit removes '-y' option and use '-f' instead. With exception of
> fsck.


-f  and  -y  are different.

While  fsck will proceed with -f  on mounted file system (leading to certain
damage) -y  option will stop here and just answer -y  to  question about umount.

And also you would change command line syntax and change the behavior of
already written scripts.


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