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[lvm-devel] LVM2 ./WHATS_NEW man/lvs.8.in

CVSROOT:	/cvs/lvm2
Module name:	LVM2
Changes by:	zkabelac sourceware org	2012-04-24 12:13:32

Modified files:
	.              : WHATS_NEW 
	man            : lvs.8.in 

Log message:
	Update some lvs column names
	Fix thin_pool -> pool_lv
	Add more fields supported by thin provisioning.
	Keep fields alphabetically sorted for easier lookup.


--- LVM2/WHATS_NEW	2012/04/24 00:51:26	1.2387
+++ LVM2/WHATS_NEW	2012/04/24 12:13:29	1.2388
@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
 Version 2.02.96 - 
+  Update and correct lvs man page with supported column names.
   Handle replacement of an active device that goes missing with an error device.
   Change change raid1 segtype always to request a flush when suspending.
   Add udev info and context to lvmdump.
--- LVM2/man/lvs.8.in	2012/04/11 12:42:10	1.21
+++ LVM2/man/lvs.8.in	2012/04/24 12:13:31	1.22
@@ -75,11 +75,46 @@
 Use \fB\-o help\fP to view the full list of columns available.
 Column names include:
-lv_uuid, lv_name, lv_path, lv_attr, lv_major, lv_minor, lv_read_ahead, lv_kernel_major,
-lv_kernel_minor, lv_kernel_read_ahead, lv_size, seg_count, origin, origin_size,
-snap_percent, copy_percent, move_pv, convert_lv, lv_tags, mirror_log, thin_pool, modules,
-segtype, stripes, stripesize, regionsize, chunksize, seg_start, seg_start_pe,
-seg_size, seg_tags, seg_pe_ranges, devices.
 With \fB\-\-segments\fP, any "seg_" prefixes are optional;
 otherwise any "lv_" prefixes are optional. Columns mentioned in

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