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Re: [lvm-devel] liblvm Python/C extension (Python Liblvm)

I'm rather interested in this, have there been any updates ?

@The community,
Are there any plans for allowing python binding in the lvm-sources, or should this be a separate package ?
I also detect no way in lvm2app to create for example a snapshot. So I'm going to assume there is also need for work here.
Or is C binding of LVM generally a bad idea, and should we instead parse the lvm-tool output and communicate with LVM trough those means ?

Feedback is welcome of course.

Kind regards,
Killian De Volder


 I was missing a proper LVM2 interface to Python so I decided to write
 one my self! I have wrapped all the liblvm C APIs (excluding the new
 APIs committed in Dec). Doc strings are still missing, as well as proper
 setup.py build env, so consider it as work in progress.

 This might also be interesting to other projects like Anaconda for

 I would love to get your feedback on it!

 Best regards,

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