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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH RFC] clvmd: verify messages before processing

On 31/07/13 16:31, David Teigland wrote:
On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 09:33:23AM +0100, Christine Caulfield wrote:
@@ -2189,10 +2286,22 @@ error:
  void process_message(struct local_client *client, char *buf, int len,
  		     const char *csid)
+	char nodename[max_cluster_member_name_len];
  	struct clvm_header *inheader;
+	int rv;

  	inheader = (struct clvm_header *) buf;
  	ntoh_clvm(inheader);	/* Byteswap fields */
+	rv = verify_message(buf, len);
+	if (rv < 0) {
+		memset(nodename, 0, sizeof(nodename));
+		clops->name_from_csid(csid, nodename);
+		log_error("process_message from %s len %d bad verify\n", nodename, len);
+		dump_message(buf, len);

Here you will probably have to return an error to the calling clvmd
or you will get delays when the caller times out. If that happens
then the 'timed-out' message is less than helpful

The thinking behind no reply was that if a command sends a bogus message,
it doesn't deserve a reply, and even if it got one, may not handle it
properly anyway.  So, if we're dealing with a bogus non-message, I think
we're beyond the point where we can be helpful.  I'm mainly trying to just
protect clvmd from faulty commands.  But, I looked at how feasible it
would be, and I don't think it's worth the trouble -- we'd have to do the
whole add_to_lvmqueue() thing, etc.

True it could be awkward and the worst that will happen is a minute's delay and an unhelpful message at the other end.


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