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Re: [lvm-devel] Possibility to convert to exclusive active (opened) volume on clustered VG

Dne 6.12.2013 05:10, Raman napsal(a):

Currently there is no way to convert opened volume from CR to EX or
from EX to CR lock type on clustered volume group. The only way is to
deactivate volume and activate it exclusively again. Example:

Simple cman cluster:
[root clvmd2 ~]# cat /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cluster config_version="1" name="clu">
                 <clusternode name="clvmd1" nodeid="1"/>
                 <clusternode name="clvmd2" nodeid="2"/>
         <cman broadcast="yes" port="5501"/>
         <totem token="60000"/>

Clustered volume group:
[root clvmd1 ~]# vgs --noheadings
   vg     1   1   0 wz--nc 9.31g 9.21g

Single volume activated on both nodes:
[root clvmd1 ~]# lvs --noheadings
   lv1  vg   -wi-a----- 100.00m
[root clvmd2 ~]# lvs --noheadings
   lv1  vg   -wi-a----- 100.00m

Deactivating on second node and trying to acquire volume exclusively on
the first node:
[root clvmd2 ~]# lvchange -aln vg/lv1
[root clvmd1 ~]# lvchange -ae vg/lv1
   Error locking on node clvmd1: Device or resource busy
[root clvmd1 ~]#

But works fine with deactivating cycle:
[root clvmd1 ~]# lvchange -aln vg/lv1 && lvs --noheading
   lv1  vg   -wi------- 100.00m
[root clvmd1 ~]# lvchange -ae vg/lv1 && lvs --noheading
   lv1  vg   -wi-a----- 100.00m
[root clvmd1 ~]#

Proposed patch tries to solve this problem allowing lock conversion
for activated volumes on clustered volume groups.

Patch looks mostly good - but has one 'tiny' problem which is unfortunately not so easy to resolve.

+#define LCK_CONVERT	0x00000800U	/* Try lock conversion */

I do not know how old code are you are patching - but recent upstream git has this bit already in use:

#define LCK_REMOTE	0x00000800U	/* Propagate to remote nodes only */

And the protocol is awkward to extend (all bits are already in use).

So the question is if we are able to find some bit combination
to use it uniquely for activate_lv_excl_local_convert()?


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