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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH 1/2] lvm2app: Add thin and thin pool lv creation

Zdenek Kabelac <zkabelac redhat com> writes:

> Dne 12.2.2013 18:24, M. Mohan Kumar napsal(a):
>>   		first_seg(lv)->chunk_size = lp->chunk_size;
>>   		first_seg(lv)->discards = lp->discards;
>>   		/* FIXME: use lowwatermark  via lvm.conf global for all thinpools ? */
>> -		first_seg(lv)->low_water_mark = 0;
>> +		first_seg(lv)->low_water_mark = lp->low_water_mark;
> low_water_mark is not supported yet in the lvm2 stack,
> and there is not yet clear definition how is it going to be used.

IMHO there is no harm in adding support to specify low water mark during
thin pool creation. 

> For now dmeventd is based on 10sec polling interval.

Is it not possible to use the 'thin-pool' threshold dm-event instead of
10-sec polling in dmeventd? 

> However there needs to be made clean definition for various error path,
> and we have to also support 'clean' shutdown for those paths according
> to defined policy.

Could you please explain it further?

>> +lv_t lvm_lv_thin(const vg_t vg, const char *pool,
>> +		 const char *lvname, uint64_t size)
>> +{
>> +	struct lvcreate_params lp = { 0 };
> I think the lvm2app needs some extension here and rather
> make the 'lvcreate_params' structure a visible object with some methods,
> and use just one universal function call to create all types
> of LVs - so we can better match the internal lvm2 processing.
> i.e. there is going to be support for creation of thin
> lvs with external origins - so adding  lvm API call for every
> possible use case of thin pool is IMHO less clean then maintenance
> of 'lvcreate_params' object separately from lvm_lv_create() call.

I agree for a need of a single lv create function capable of creating
any LV type and I already posted a RFC version of that patch a month

But providing a simpler interface to create a specific type of LV may
also be a valid usecase, where an user does not want to
customize/specify each parameters in LV creation.

IIUC by 'support for creation of thin lvs with external origins' you
mean creating a thin snapshot LV from a linear LV. In this case
lvm_lv_snapshot function needs to be changed, while this function
lvm_lv_thin creates only thin Lvs (not thin snapshots) 

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