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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH RFC] clvmd: verify messages before processing

On 30/07/13 20:46, David Teigland wrote:
Does this look like it would be useful?  More checks can be
added over time, but are there any that would be obvious to
add now?  I'm mainly trying to catch non-message data, and
not risk rejecting any proper messages.

Mostly an ACK but see comment below:

@@ -2189,10 +2286,22 @@ error:
  void process_message(struct local_client *client, char *buf, int len,
  		     const char *csid)
+	char nodename[max_cluster_member_name_len];
  	struct clvm_header *inheader;
+	int rv;

  	inheader = (struct clvm_header *) buf;
  	ntoh_clvm(inheader);	/* Byteswap fields */
+	rv = verify_message(buf, len);
+	if (rv < 0) {
+		memset(nodename, 0, sizeof(nodename));
+		clops->name_from_csid(csid, nodename);
+		log_error("process_message from %s len %d bad verify\n", nodename, len);
+		dump_message(buf, len);

Here you will probably have to return an error to the calling clvmd or you will get delays when the caller times out. If that happens then the 'timed-out' message is less than helpful

+		return;
+	}
  	if (inheader->cmd == CLVMD_CMD_REPLY)
  		process_reply(inheader, len, csid);


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