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Re: [lvm-devel] Now I'm convinced about Linux

On Wed, 31 Jul 2013 10:14:16 +0200
Peter Rajnoha wrote:

> Unfortunately, it seems that at
> that time, we were one of the small group of users of this 'last_rule',
> so it was not a problem for udev to simply remove it...

Numbers to object should not matter here, it is simply plain and obvious
to me that any developer should realise that this feature should
exist, and obviously they did originally. That is what gets me the
most, as I said warnings yes, power from the user, how terrible.

> ...well, GOTO applies only to current rule file (so yes, maybe the
> documentation should be clearer about this - but that needs to be reported
> for udev team).

Well I edited the rule of the package doing the remounting and
backed it up (removed .rules) in case the package manager overwrites it
but that's a very wrong fix.

Also as long as RedHat now being a support company (primarily) doesn't
have a better internal manual explaining all the events? etc. then that
will keep the conspiracy theorists at bay ;-)

> > I'm not even sure this is the right list but you seemed to have
> > committed the last_rule removal with concerns about Kays decision.
> > 
> (I suppose you mean this one: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.lvm.devel/2119)

Yeah I should have thought about the context of the list really.

> Anyway, now I can imagine the source of your problems and yes, it's OK
> that you made your points. Though in this case, I need to redirect you
> to udev/systemd team as I can't help much here...

I must say I was expecting some flame or remarks and I am sure I would
get much nonsense about OpenBSD being of no consequence and perhaps dbus
being the heart of any good OS ;-) and maybe even the removal of the
GOTO rule out of spite if I were to post a copy of my last message to
the udev/systemd lot (I won't call what happens there teamwork).

Probably best If I make my post short and to the point, I haven't got
enough minutes never mind hours to tell Lennart how wrong he is on so
many things and argue about why he doesn't allow commenting and
ignores so much on his myths about systemd page.

You seem a real credit to RedHat. Perhaps RedHat should consider
protecting it's brand by putting some of the smaller projects which get
so much coverage shall we say under a seperate brand, perhaps

  | |
 | D |

Cheap shot maybe but I always say what I think, where it's not cruel


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