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[lvm-devel] [Red Hat - Possible Forgery] Re: [PATCH] Pass parsed metadata to activation code.

Hi there,

Zdenek Kabelac <zkabelac redhat com> writes:
> I've went into very quick overview - would it be possible to split some
> patches into   'rename/clean old code'  'add new functionality' ?

I don't see any places where "cleaning old code" is being done. Can you
point out which bits you mean?

> Also - how does the new solution 'scales' in terms of having thousands of LVs
> in the metadata - I've noticed couple new linear scans 'dm_list_iterate()'. The
> trick with  lv_ondisk() code is not yet very clean to me - will need to find
> some time for this - it seems to be adding new complexity in the code.

lv_ondisk is trivial, it just finds the same LV you are using in the
"ondisk" version of its metadata; the "ondisk" version of VG is just
that: the struct volume_group that came pristine from vg_read, or after
you vg_commit, the version that has been committed.

For iteration, yes, it does a linear scan, but not a "new" one. You
either call lv_ondisk OR you call lv_from_lvid. Both do a single linear
scan through the list of LVs. In fact, for suspend, the old code does 2
such scans while the new code only does one. So the net result is quite
the opposite, there's one iteration less and no new ones.


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