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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH] lvm2app: Add thin and thin pool lv creation V2

Dne 6.5.2013 17:37, Tony Asleson napsal(a):
On 05/06/2013 08:26 AM, M. Mohan Kumar wrote:
Tony Asleson <tasleson redhat com> writes:

+ *
+ */
+lv_create_params_t lvm_lv_params_create_thin_pool(vg_t vg,
+		const char *pool_name, uint64_t size, uint32_t chunk_size,
+		uint64_t meta_size, lvm_thin_discards_t discard);
+#define lvm_lv_params_create_thin_pool_default(vg, pool_name, size) \
+			lvm_lv_params_create_thin_pool((vg), (pool_name), (size), 0, 0, \
+ * Set the value of zero skip for the lv_create_params
+ *
+ * \param params
+ * lv_create_prams to change
+ *
+ * \param skip
+ * Value of skip zero to be set (0 == zero, 1 == skip zero)
+ *
+ * \return
+ * 0 on success, else -1
+ */
+int lvm_lv_params_skip_zero_set(lv_create_params_t params, int skip);

Are we going to provide as many helper functions to get/set parameters
in lv_create_params structure? For example if an user does wants a new
LV to be created in deactivation state, should we provide a helper
something like this?

int lvm_lv_params_activation_set(lv_create_params_t params, int

In this case lvm-api wont be flooded with lots of helper functions?
Instead of individual helper function how about a common helper function
to take care of this?

int lvm_lv_params_set(lv_create_params_t params, enum lv_create_param_type,
                       type, void *data);

lvm_lv_params_set function will validate 'data' based on the
lv_create_param_type and will return error if 'data' does not match
given enum (resource)?

enum lv_create_param_type {


In above zero case, this function will be invoked like this:

lvm_lv_params_set(params, LV_CR_ZERO, &zero);

lvm_lv_params_set will do:
                   switch (type) {
                   case LV_CR_ZERO:
                      memcpy (&zero_skip, data, sizeof(int));
                   case LV_CR_ACTIVATION:
                        memcpy (&activation, data, sizeof(int));
                        if (activation < CHANGE_AY && activation >
                           CHANGE_AAY) {
                           return -1;

Yeah, this is probably a better approach to minimize API explosion.  The
only thing I would like to add is a size_t data_len field.  This way we
can accommodate variable size data for same operation.

Does that sound reasonable?  I guess if we only support simple fixed
type sizes it would be redundant.

We already have the API 'explosion' for  lvs/pvs/vgs properties.
So I think it could probably share the same principal for lvcreate attrs.

I liked the 'X protocol' way of using string named fields - but then
you lose compile time check whether you pass valid arguments...


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