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Re: [lvm-devel] lvmetad activation problem with MD devices

On 10/01/2013 09:05 AM, Peter Rajnoha wrote:
> On 09/30/2013 06:36 PM, Alexander Tsoy wrote:
>> Commit 8d1d83504dcf9c86ad42d34d3bd0b201d7bab8f6 introduced the
>> following problem. If MD device is assembled in initramfs and some LVs
>> on it are not activated, then those LVs still not activated during
>> system boot.
> Yes, sorry for the problem. I'm just working on a fix. The source of
> the problem here is that udev database is not handed over from initramfs
> for MD devices and so the udev state is simply lost. The state information
> we need is the MD activation state.

There's also a bug reported for this issue:


I've handed that over to dracut as we can solve this by adding a special
'OPTIONS+="db_persist"' udev rule to MD rules that are installed for MD
devices in initramfs. This is already done for device-mapper devices in

The proposed patch is simple (also tested on my system where I reproduced
the original problem):



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